Transforming product traceability
for safer construction

“The built environment sector ...needs to accelerate the adoption of readily available means of providing product traceability...there is a strong case for materials and products to carry permanent marking to ensure their identification and traceability...and...a consistent labelling and traceability system.”
Dame Judith Hackitt, Building a Safer Future Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety

Are you ready for digital? The ‘Golden Thread of Information’ means digitisation is mission critical in building safety and business accountability.

CARES CLOUD ecosystem

Build the safety backstory. Get full product provenance for all the information you need across rebar supply chains. Safe construction is built on product confidence and carbon accounting is based on accurate and trusted data sources.

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Trust and certainty for asset owners

Work smart; work safe; work well. Trust is hard won – choose a clear, simple solution to build trust every step of the way, whatever your project.

This is your proven route to conformity with the Building Safety Act 2022: digitally assured product data builds secure supply chain product evidence.

Validate the CARES
Certificate of approval

A key feature of the CARES Cloud is the ability to check the approval status of the organisations your supply chain hinges on. Construction projects with large and complex procurement processes depend on CARES product certification to ensure CARES certified products conform to the relevant standard.

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Enabling Carbon Accounting

The CARES Cloud provides consistent transactionlevel data on the full carbon emissions of the steel products and enables contractors to undertake accurate, consistent and automated embodied carbon reporting that reflects the actual products used, not just what was planned.

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Specify CARES certified products and Download the CARES Cloud App to get instant trusted digital traceability from source to site.

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